End of Reality

End of Reality is a premier server host, providing a range of hosting services from VOIP and game servers, to unmanaged dedicated boxes. EOR's high performance cloud services use the fastest enterprise SSD's available today coupled with the latest Intel Xeon 3.6ghz CPU's to offer a dream environment for game servers or other low latency / database applications.


Electronic Gamers League

Electronic Gamers League of EGL is the leading producer of eSports apparel. They offer high quality gear for multiple teams and personalities across eSports and Pnda Gaming is excited to welcome to the family! Use the code "PndaGaming" to save when shopping!


Cinch Gaming

Cinch Gaming offers a variety of customizable game controllers for both professional and casual gamers. Along with a range of innovative technologies and premium quality hardware, Cinch Gaming offers unrivaled support for all of their products. Use the code "Pnda" to save when shopping!

Meta Threads

Meta Threads is a design and manufacturing company specializing in the production of custom performance and casual gaming apparel. The Los Angeles-based company designs, develops, and manufactures all custom products in their headquarters, and produces jerseys for some of the top teams in eSports.


Insane Labz

Insane Labz offers a variety of supplements for gaming, workouts, and everyday life. Made in an FDA registered GMP Certified facility, each batch of product is tested for purity and potency. Their product lines include Insane Veinz, Insane Focus, Psychotic, R.I.P., and Alien Recovery, among many others. Use the code "Pnda" to save when shopping!

Techni Sport

Techni Sport offers high quality gaming and office chairs at an affordable price, providing comfort, durability, and style to any gaming experience. Use the code "Pnda" to save when shopping!


Trigger Devils

Trigger Devils offers both peel-and-stick and clip-on trigger stops for PS4 and Xbox One controllers. Trigger stops prevent the trigger from travelling the whole distance, making activation times 2x faster than unmodded controllers. Use the code "Pnda" to save when shopping!