With the 2016 Gears of War 4 professional league still underway this year, more than half of the $1,000,000 pot has been claimed. Teams, now more aggressive than ever are looking to claim the remaining victories.

Pnda gaming is excited to announce our new Gears of War roster for Season 2! Please welcome NabreFG, Toasttek, BLISSFULLZ, MsGang5ta, Ms_1nSaNe, and xLadyLuxury to the Pnda Fam.

Previously, xLadyLuxury & toasttek have competed for Render Esports at the Vegas event. MsGang5ta & Ms_1nSaNe have been playing Gears since the original Gears of War, and have competed under the organization Lady Assassins. BLISSFULLZ has played in several tournaments, including the first ever Girls Do It Better Tournament, placing 2nd for the tournament with a pickup team under Transcendence.

We are very excited and eager to see this talented team compete in such an intense game like Gears of War!

- Daniel See - Director of News Media