Pnda Gaming announce addition of Brawlhalla player.

Pnda Gaming announce addition of Brawlhalla player.


Brawlhalla, the fast growing free to play fighting game has developed a diverse set of competitive players with a recently announced $10,000 summer championship at the end of July.

Pnda Gaming is proud to announce the acquisition of competitive Brawlhalla player Ahmed "Mini" Haza. Showing a growing promise in the European scene, Haza's first victory was at the 1v1 Spring Championship, followed by a 2nd place finish in a Duo's Spring Championship tournament. After good finishes overall, Haza wasn't done just yet. 

He later went on to place 2nd in Riddle Brawl 1v1, and later placed 1st at BCS Summer Slam which attracted many eyes from the competitive community both from viewership and peers alike. 

Haza currently attends University and studies Computer Science and looks forward to a strong performance under Pnda Gaming.

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Daniel See - Director of News Media

Pnda Gaming acquire new Gears of War team!

Pnda Gaming acquire new Gears of War team!


With the 2016 Gears of War 4 professional league still underway this year, more than half of the $1,000,000 pot has been claimed. Teams, now more aggressive than ever are looking to claim the remaining victories.

Pnda gaming is excited to announce our new Gears of War roster for Season 2! Please welcome NabreFG, Toasttek, BLISSFULLZ, MsGang5ta, Ms_1nSaNe, and xLadyLuxury to the Pnda Fam.

Previously, xLadyLuxury & toasttek have competed for Render Esports at the Vegas event. MsGang5ta & Ms_1nSaNe have been playing Gears since the original Gears of War, and have competed under the organization Lady Assassins. BLISSFULLZ has played in several tournaments, including the first ever Girls Do It Better Tournament, placing 2nd for the tournament with a pickup team under Transcendence.

We are very excited and eager to see this talented team compete in such an intense game like Gears of War!

- Daniel See - Director of News Media

Pnda Gaming Announce Overwatch Team!

Pnda Gaming Announce Overwatch Team!

Pnda Gaming is entering the Nexus with the acquisition of our new Overwatch team! Currently one of the top tier 2 teams in the Overwatch Scene, placing first in the Athena Cup Open League Weeks 9 & 11, the roster of Little Menace, Deathy, ConnorLuca, Chriztahfah, Lego Math & Emperor, coached by ioStux, are proving to be a force in Overwatch.  

 We’re excited for this new venture into Overwatch and can’t wait to see this team in action!

Pnda Gaming Announces NBA 2K Team!

Pnda Gaming Announces NBA 2K Team!


The NBA 2K franchise has been the highest regarded game for sports competition. With core mechanics and game realism, many players find the game is fun and challenging making way for a competitive scene where money is on the line and NBA teams are taking notice.

Pnda Gaming is proud to announce the acquisition of our new NBA 2K competitive team! Formerly under the name Throw Down, they were recently crowned the NBA 2K17 PS4 champions. The team which consists of Mitchell "Mooty" Franklin, Chuck "Kid Lit" Tarrant, Dev "DevGoss" Goss, Kyle "Letsballup" Rudy, and Kris "Insanity" Dellarciprete are looking to turn heads in the new title, especially NBA scouts looking for talented and passionate players.

We sat down with Mitchell Franklin, and Chuck Tarrant and spoke about the teams ambitions...

1. Being crowned the champions, what is driving the team to keep the chemistry and skill this season? Do you think you could win it all again?

MF: What motivates us to still play the game with passion is the love of 2k and it's not just playing a video game. When we get on at night for the 3 or 4 hours, it's give us a chance to talk to each other and get away from our everyday life. I believe we could win again if there was another big tournament. When it comes time to lock in and play we are the best 5 guys at that.

2. How has the team prepared in aspects of the game for NBA 2K18?

MF: We are preparing by just playing every game and carrying ourselves in a more professional way. We don't know exactly how much of a difference 2k18 will be from 2k17 but we are just trying to strengthen our weaknesses and better our strengths.

3. Does the team have any weak points that can be addressed and fixed?

CT: If we have any weak points I would definitely say it's the transition on both sides of the ball. When getting out in transition, we lack making precise decisions on a consistent basis. If we could execute better passing and decision making in transition it would only make us exponentially more elite. On defense, our rotations could use a little touch up when teams get out in transition. We sometimes find ourselves out of position or lost, which we have been working on and getting better at. We also don't foul enough when team's are out on the fast break, which helps reset our defense and reduce them from having an advantage in numbers.

4. What sort of assets can you bring to the NBA2K community under Pnda Gaming?

CT: If you would've told me that we'd be in this position and everything happen like it did, I wouldn't believe you. We literally started from nothing and just outworked every team and player out there. I've never been on a team that has had the type of work ethic like the 4 that I am with right now. What you're getting from us is not only a team but a family. A family that is the largest brand in the Pro-AM community and only growing. A family that has seen it all and can relate to any situation and when the going get tough, we may bend but nothing breaks. This is the first step for hope in regards to the 2K community, seeing a team sign with an organization should be a large motivator and ignite a fire in teams and potentially other sponsors. We are grateful for the opportunity and going to work incredibly hard for this brand.

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- Daniel See